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White Line Construction -454 Laurel Hill Road - Smock, PA 15480
Phone: 724-437-2045 - Fax: 724-437-3599
White Line Construction offers several services
for our clients. We have been mowing and
maintaining pipeline right-of-ways (ROW) for
more than 35 years. Included in this is mowing,
ground to sky side trimming, line marker
replacement and much more. We also offer new
pipeline construction, steel and plastic. At White
Line Construction we our very excited about our
venture into the gathering field industry. We are
able to handle all land clearing, site building and
preparation, reclamation and whatever else is
necessary for our clients. We also have several
years experience in installing complete vertical
and horizontal well hook ups. This includes but
not limited to storage tanks, separators, all
necessary flow lines to main infrastructure and
much much more. We are also corrosion
certified, plastic fusion certified up to 8". We
have 100% x-ray rating. All that we ask at White
Line Construction is that you do not feel that we
are limited to these areas. We are continually
exploring for new fields to serve our customers
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454 laurel hill road - smock, pa 15480
P: 724.437.2045
F: 724.437.3599